Revitalise Your Hair Bundle provides the health-kick your hair needs. It detangles, smooths and strengthens ALL hair types. 

Included in the bundle: 

1. REHAB. Dose 1.0 Hair Oil
REHAB's Dose 1.0 Hair Oil provides a treatment course of 30 capsuled doses. Each dose contains the optimal amount of hair oil to coat your mane with a rich blend of moroccan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, and vitamins A, C, E and B5. 
Apply frequently to strengthen and repair your damaged hair, with a smooth, shiny and silky finish. For all hair types.  

2. REHAB. Vital Hairbrush
Meet your new favourite detangler! The Vital Hairbrush is an eco-friendly, flexible,brush made from wheat-based straw that's better for the planet. 


1. Brush through your hair with the Eco-friendly, flexible detangling brush (made from wheat- based straw which is better for the planet).
2. Apply the Dose 1.0 Hair Oil. Tear or cut open a capsule and apply the oil evenly throughout the ends of the hair. There’s no need for a bin either – simply drop the biodegradable empty dose in hot water and watch it dissolve. No mess, no waste!

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