REHAB. Shampoo & Shine Gift Set


Shampoo and Shine 

Never skip hair wash day again! This gift set contains everything you need for clean, shiny hair all inside the new REHAB. small and chic wash bag.

Included in the REHAB. Shampoo and Shine gift set: 

Shampoo Sheets

25 sheets included in each box. 

This single use shampoo sheet instantly disappears in your hands as it lathers to a foamy shampoo with water. The shampoo sheet comes in a dissolvable sachet that dissolves down the drain while you wash your hair. Better for your hair, better for the planet.

Formulated with Rosemary Oil, known to promote stronger, fuller-looking, healthy hair, together with nourishing Olive Oil and Calendula Oil.

Dose 1.0 Hair Oil

REHAB's Dose 1.0 Hair Oil provides a treatment course of 30 capsuled doses. Each dose contains the optimal amount of hair oil to coat your mane with a rich blend of moroccan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, and vitamins A, C, E and B5.
Apply frequently to strengthen and repair your damaged hair, with a smooth, shiny and silky finish. For all hair types. 

Scalp Massaging Brush 

Our plastic-free scalp massaging brush is a must-have in your shower routine. The brush gently exfoliates the scalp, while removing any product buildup at your roots. A clean, exfoliated scalp improves your overall hair health!

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